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Recently, Pamela Sosnowski wrote a wonderful article about Massage On The Square’s very own, Amy Fall.

She began by saying,

Amy Fall’s massage career began, of all places, in the military. While she was in the U.S. Air Force Reserve she’d give her fellow airmen and women hand and shoulder massages during the “hurry up and wait” periods of military life. Today she is the owner of Massage on the Square, located in quaint downtown Marietta among shops, historical buildings, and vintage homes.

“My comrades said I was really good at it and encouraged me to go pro,” she said. “So I went to school, learned the trade on a professional level and opened Massage on the Square. Fifteen years later I still love it.”

Pamela went on to say,

Fall and her practice’s other therapists always take the time to listen to the client’s needs and walk them through what to expect, whether they’re visiting just to manage stress or are seeking relief from a painful condition or to prevent one. A number of clients, says Fall, regularly visit for relief from old sports injuries and fibromyalgia. At Massage On the Square, a full hour massage to Fall and her crew means an hour of actual hands-on massage time that is not interrupted, truly giving each client their money’s worth.

We’re so proud, humbled and grateful for this fantastic featured article, from Georgia State Homes.

We just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” to Pamela for writing such a great article about us and our “Captain” Amy, and to Georgia State Homes for featuring the post on their site.

If you or someone you know is looking for a home in Georgia, we recommend contacting Georgia State Homes.

And when you need a wonderful, dare we say “life renewing” massage, you know who to come and see.

Amy Fall

Amy Fall

Owner/Lead Therapist

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