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A Lil' About Us

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Massage on the Square is…

A small massage practice located in the heart of  Historic Marietta Square.  We’re tucked away amongst many independent “Mom ‘n’ Pop” shops, old rustic churches, museums, and beautiful antique homes; a town preserved since the mid-1800’s.

When you come to Massage on the Square, you enter a small-town world where you are more than a customer;  you are a friend.  Feel free to explore our site. Get to know us and, more importantly, what we can do for you.

The Art Of Touch

Whether you need to just relax or have specific aches and pains, your massage therapist will discuss your needs and incorporate all their knowledge, skills, and talent to create a massage just for you. We also include aromatherapy and a hot facial towel as a part of your massage. That’s just one way we pull out all the stops to make you feel at home.

Massage therapy is what we do best but more than that we listen to your needs and create a session that complements what you’re looking for. There are many massage styles but you never have to worry about picking the right one at Massage on the Square.

Meet Our Therapists

They know how it's done

Amy L. Fall, NMT

Amy has been a massage therapist since 2002 and is the founder of Massage on the Square. She taught at Atlanta School of Massage and has been full time at Massage on the Square since 2004.
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Ariel S. Wagner, LMT

Ariel has been a massage therapist since 2007. She currently focuses her time on pregnancy massage, deep tissue and trigger point work, as well as swedish and relaxation massage.
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What Kind Of Massage Do You Need?

A Massage created just for you

Styles Of Massage

There are many massage styles but you never have to worry about picking the right one at Massage on the Square. Whether you need to just relax or work on specific aches and pains, your massage therapist will discuss your goals with you and your session will be customized to meet your needs. We also include aromatherapy and a hot facial towel at no extra charge.

Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation and Stress Management

TMJ Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic Massage

We’ll discuss your aches and pains, do a quick postural analysis, and customize your massage session to meet your needs.

Typically when muscle are causing pain it’s due to one group of muscles being tight and contracted while an opposing group is weak and inhibited. When you need a massage for therapeutic reasons we take the time to find these muscle patterns and bring your body back into balance. We incorporate massage techniques such as but not limited to deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), thai, shiatsu, and myoskeletal alignment technique. As with all of our sessions aromatherapy and a hot facial towel is included at no extra charge.

Relaxation & Stress Management

Relaxation massage is more about the art of touch than any specific style or technique. It’s just what you need when you’re desperate for a vacation but just don’t have time.

Relaxation and stress management massage is not just a luxury service. If you don’t take time to refresh yourself the daily grind of life can really wear you out. Excessive stress effects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. While Swedish massage is the classic technique for relaxation we usually find a need for trigger point, deep tissue, and perhaps a few thai massage techniques and incorporate all our skills into the session. During a relaxation massage it is time to trust your massage therapists creativity and let yourself let go. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale the tension and the to do list, inhale the aromatherapy, and focus on the warm oil and soft hands. We are more than massage therapist we are massage artist.

TMJ Massage

If your dentist has diagnosed you with this condition, or you know you grind your teeth, there is a special massage to release the muscle in control of your jaw.

Pregnancy Massage

This is such a special time and you need special care. While there are some precautions to take concerning some aromatherapy scents and specific acupressure points, massage is very supportive throughout your pregnancy and after. Your body is going through so many changes hormonally, and your enter center of gravity is shifting. Your body is swelling, your ligaments are loose, your emotions are crazy, and your body hurts. You need a special kind of massage.

Our Rates & Hours

Let's make a deal

There’s no need to worry about what kind of massage you need. Just schedule the length of time you want and we will incorporate all massage styles into your session. Aromatherapy is also included with your session.

Our Hours

Sunday: Closed


Monday: Closed


Tuesday: 9am-7pm


Wednesday: 9am-7pm


Thursday: 9am-7pm


Friday: 9am-7pm


Saturday: 9am-3pm


Massage Rates

30 Minute Session

$45 – Great for quick therapeutic work on one specific area. As soon as you relax, time is up.

60 Minute Session

$75 – Enough time to get a nice full body massage and relax -or- to get some really great therapeutic massage on a specific problem area and the kinetic pattern associated with it.

90 Minute Session

$100Most recommended! Amazing, Relaxing, and Therapeutic. 90 Minutes allows enough time to ease into the pressure so you can receive the benefits of the body’s relaxation response which processes toxins and nutrients while getting  into deep tissue which breaks up the muscle tissue to release the toxins.

2 Hour Session

$130 – Well this is all of that and a box of chocolates. One of my favorite comments after giving a gentleman a 2hr massage was “You are not a massage therapist. You are a MASSAGE ARTIST!” That’s what a 2 Hour massage is like.

Hot Stone Add-on

$20 – Enter the Hot Stone Zone with our hot stone massage. This is the perfect treatment on those cold days in the winter or when stress is over the top. It’s a variation on Swedish massage with the use of hot stones. It’s an experience all its own! In our treatment, warm smooth stones are placed on key points of the body and  used to gently massage with gliding strokes. The warmth is so comforting and the touch so soft that you’ll drift off to that happy place somewhere between awake and asleep. There are not words to truly describe it. You’ve just got to experience it!

We need 24 Hours to prepare for this treatment. Sorry, but no last minute appointment for this one.

Series Savings

Five 30 Minute


 (Save $50!)

Five 60 Minute


(Save $50)

Five 90 Minute


(Save $50)

Five 120 Minute


(Save $50)

Let Us Welcome You

When you come to Massage on the Square, you enter a small-town world where you are more than a customer;  you are a friend. Now that you know us better, we’d love to get to know you. Come experience a massage designed just for you.

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